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Savor one of the finest restaurants in Beaune France 

Savor one of the finest restaurants in Beaune France 

Burgundy is world-renowned for its production of some of the finest wines in France. As you might expect, a whole field of fine dining has also sprung up in the area to complement the grapes. The Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa in Beaune guarantees to conjure up an unforgettable combination of food and drink in one of the finest restaurants in Beaune, France.

Enjoy an unforgettable meal in one of the best restaurants in Beaune France 

From the second you walk into the Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa in Beaune, the capital of this wonderful wine-producing region, you know you are in the safest of hands. The five-star establishment is justifiably proud of having one of the best restaurants in France. Every morsel of food and sip of wine transports you back to a more elegant age. You will find one of the best restaurants in Beaune, France in an adjacent building to the Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa. 

It’s a gorgeously preserved yet tastefully modernized property that dates from the 19th century, and which was once home to a master winegrower. In this beautiful ambience, you will find a suite of character rooms with original woodwork and moldings. Fans of al fresco dining are also well catered for in the Hostellerie Cèdre with the ability to have a meal in the stunning summer terrace.

Celebrate the joie de vivre in one of the finest restaurants in Beaune France 

As you might expect of one of the finest restaurants in Beaune, France, the Burgundy region inspires and is reflected in the food and drink offerings. The inventive and mouth-watering menu at the Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa is supported by the local wine that has made the region a byword the globe over for excellence. You can taste the culmination of centuries of wine production with a choice of hundreds of local wines. The menu of one of the finest restaurants in Beaune, France also pays exquisite and exact attention to the food of the region and selects only the very best available produce through each season to perfectly complement the drink. Patrons seeking a more informal experience can also have light meals served to them in the Bar Lounge.

After a good night’s sleep, the buffet breakfast is also served with local produce in mind, as you might expect from one of the best restaurants in Beaune, France. The Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa offers finest local butter, bread, cereals, jam, eggs and local cheeses, guaranteed to set you up for the day and leave you in anticipation of the meal to follow later in the evening.


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